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Meeting with our New Advisory Council

By Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO After several years in the planning, Green Seal’s Board of Directors finally established an Advisory Council this year. Beyond putting some well-known names on our roster, the Council is intended to broaden Green Seal’s reach to new audiences, especially consumers, and to connect us with thought-leaders in various areas of sustainability. My assistant, Kat, helped get the Council off and running, and her previous blog post offers greater detail about each of its members. I’d like to talk here about a recent experience I had with several of the Council members who live on the East Coast.

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“Drum Roll, Please…” An intro to our Advisory Council

By Kat Danaher, Executive Assistant to the CEO Ladies and Gentlemen, to spice up an otherwise run-of-the-mill workday, we have a special treat for you. Earlier this year, Green Seal was honored to launch its inaugural Advisory Council. The Council was formed to augment Green Seal’s Board of Directors by increasing our outreach to new audiences; helping to build our reputation in the public arena; and improving our access to cutting-edge thinking in science and technology, marketing, and communications. This illustrious group offers a downright staggering array of expertise and achievements, and we invite you to take a few minutes to browse through their bios and links.

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Our 25th Year.

This October we begin Green Seal’s 25th year, and we dedicate this one to our clients who have led their industries by manufacturing safer, healthier, and greener products. They have proven their commitment to sustainability by achieving Green Seal certification. Check out our poster which further describes why we are honoring our clients this year (published in Facility Cleaning Decisions).

People-Planet Connection

Healthy Schools 101: Why our kids need healthier facilities

By Claire Barnett, Executive Director, Healthy Schools Network I am the founder and executive director of a national nonprofit dedicated to reversing the many threats that unhealthy schools pose to children’s health and learning. I’m also a parent. In fact, my organization’s roots lie in a shattering family experience: my younger son was poisoned by pesticides repeatedly applied at school. My son is grown now, with children of his own. But I vividly remember the sheer panic, then the anger and tears of frustration, and a new felt commitment to root reforms for children, as I learned how common environmental hazards were at all schools.

CEO Corner

Green Seal in the Sustainability Movement: Our relationship to other NGOs and government

By Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO Green Seal was one of the first U.S. non-profit organizations (“NGOs”) to make the greening of the economy the focus of its efforts. We have worked from the start on promoting more sustainable business practices by identifying greener products and services in many categories and helping to catalyze market demand for them. When I espoused this view of Green Seal years ago, the head of another environmental group, who happened to be on my Board, objected that his (advocacy) organization was also about greening the economy. No doubt he was correct. But there was a critical difference.

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Breaking News ~ Green Seal’s Fall Updates

What’s new with Green Seal? Read on…. In This Issue:   ISSA 2013 in Las Vegas, Nov. 19 – 21   Arthur publishes book: In the Light of Humane Nature      We welcome talented new staff to Green Seal’s Certification and Science & Standards Departments   Upcoming Events    Congratulations to our new clients Any compliments or questions about these articles? Comment on this blog post. We’d love to hear from you.

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Making the Headlines – Sept. Edition

Green Seal and our heroes — GS-certified products, services, and hotels — have been mentioned in the news over the past month. Check it out…: Green Seal, With 83 Certified Hotel Properties, Moves Toward GS-33 Update, Green Lodging News By the end of this year, the Green Seal Standard for Lodging Properties, GS-33, will be updated, improving upon a program that was first introduced in 1999. While there have been years when the program has had more than 100 participants, this year GS-33 is still going strong with 83 certified properties at either the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Eight additional applications are currently in progress. Read more…

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Green Cleaning Your Way to LEED and Beyond

By Marion Stecklow, Executive Director of the Building Wellness Institute Much attention is focused on energy savings in buildings when attempting to achieve sustainability. That is a good thing! LEED certification is certainly the most significant, motivating factor in creating and maintaining sustainable buildings. Although the ROI (Return on Investment) for building or renovating and maintaining a property to LEED standards is significant, the initial investment can be daunting. Nevertheless, the growing market demand and government regulations, coupled with significant energy costs savings, are inspiring building owners to obtain LEED certification for their properties, or at least follow the standards.

CEO Corner

Anecdotes: The Battle Over Third-Party Seals

By Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO No one today would question the legitimacy of credible third-party environmental certification programs. This was not always the case, not so long ago. When Green Seal and several European ecolabels were starting up two decades and more ago, some large U.S. consumer product companies became alarmed. They protested in many forums and used many arguments to discredit our programs. They said that setting national environmental standards for products was impossible and unscientific because environmental impacts of manufacturing and use vary geographically and are subjective to the purchaser.

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Changing of the Guard

**** By Andrew Beauchamp, Project Coordinator It’s my last day at Green Seal after 5 years as an employee and a year as an intern.  But have no fear, we have many new staffers to take up the slack.  Hopefully, between the 25 of them, they’ll be able to fill my shoes. It’s been a pleasure!  Welcome new staffers! New Green Seal Staff: Air Quality Specialist – Les Mog Climate Policy Analyst – Gene Howes-Gasse Climate Policy Analyst II – Celine N. Urgy Director, Clean Water Program – Paul O’Shaun Director, Climate & Clean Air Program – Ivana Carmen Tax Energy Auditor – Tanya Lightov Fertilizer Specialist – U. Topher Kay-Shin Fertilizer Specialist II – Al G. Bloom GHG Specialist – Arie Duction Green Guru – Stan A. Blitty