People-Planet Connection

Changing of the Guard

**** By Andrew Beauchamp, Project Coordinator It’s my last day at Green Seal after 5 years as an employee and a year as an intern.  But have no fear, we have many new staffers to take up the slack.  Hopefully, between the 25 of them, they’ll be able to fill my shoes. It’s been a pleasure!  Welcome new staffers! New Green Seal Staff: Air Quality Specialist – Les Mog Climate Policy Analyst – Gene Howes-Gasse Climate Policy Analyst II – Celine N. Urgy Director, Clean Water Program – Paul O’Shaun Director, Climate & Clean Air Program – Ivana Carmen Tax Energy Auditor – Tanya Lightov Fertilizer Specialist – U. Topher Kay-Shin Fertilizer Specialist II – Al G. Bloom GHG Specialist – Arie Duction Green Guru – Stan A. Blitty

CEO Corner

Anecdotes: The Uptake of GS-37

By Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO How did one of Green Seal’s standards become the de facto national standard for green cleaning products and even required by law in several states? The history is instructive, for Green Seal works in the world of voluntary, incentive programs that are generally beyond legal compliance.

In the News

Making the Headlines

What have we been up to lately? Touting our new laundry standard (GS-51) and re-defining green cleaning. Check out a couple of  recently published news and feature articles below. Do you have any thought-provoking sustainability or environmental leadership news articles to share with us? Send us links and/or comment on this post!

Breaking Down the Bad

Controversy Case Study: “BPA”

By Cassie Johnson, Green Seal Environmental Engineer II During visits to my local grocery store and pharmacy, I find myself bombarded with chemical claims on the packaging of my favorite products.  “BPA-Free” claims have become increasingly common in recent years, especially on plastic water bottles.  What is BPA, what products might it be found in, and why are people concerned about it?  Here’s a quick overview.