People-Planet Connection

Changing of the Guard

face thumbnailBy Andrew Beauchamp, Project Coordinator

It’s my last day at Green Seal after 5 years as an employee and a year as an intern.  But have no fear, we have many new staffers to take up the slack.  Hopefully, between the 25 of them, they’ll be able to fill my shoes.

It’s been a pleasure!  Welcome new staffers!

New Green Seal Staff:

Air Quality Specialist – Les Mog
Climate Policy Analyst – Gene Howes-Gasse
Climate Policy Analyst II – Celine N. Urgy
Director, Clean Water Program – Paul O’Shaun
Director, Climate & Clean Air Program – Ivana Carmen Tax
Energy Auditor – Tanya Lightov
Fertilizer Specialist – U. Topher Kay-Shin
Fertilizer Specialist II – Al G. Bloom
GHG Specialist – Arie Duction
Green Guru – Stan A. Blitty

Green Seal Certification Specialist – E. Cole Able
Green Seal Evangelist – Anita Greenit
Landscaping Specialist – Walter Less
Lighting Specialist – Elle Edie
Mutagen Specialist – Abner Melgrowth
Ozone-Depleting Substances Specialist – Laurel Floral Carmen
Plastics Specialist – Bee P. Ay
Renewable Energy Analyst – Wendy Gio Solar
Renewable Energy Analyst II – Saul R. Power
Sustainable Packaging Specialist – Eustus Bagsagain
Transportation Analyst – Constance Biker
Transportation Analyst II – Electra Mobile
Travel Coordinator – Carmen Aufsett
Waste Reduction Specialist – Reese Iyklemore
Water Policy Analyst – Alf Fluence

If there is anyone I missed, please add them in the comments.