Green Marketing

Our 25th Year.

This October we begin Green Seal’s 25th year, and we dedicate this one to our clients who have led their industries by manufacturing safer, healthier, and greener products. They have proven their commitment to sustainability by achieving Green Seal certification. Check out our poster which further describes why we are honoring our clients this year (published in Facility Cleaning Decisions).

Conscious Consumption

Why “Eco-friendly” is like nails on a chalk board.

By Andrew Beauchamp, Project Coordinator As an environmentally conscious individual who looks to reduce my impact through the goods and services I purchase, I often hear or see the phrase “eco-friendly” in advertisements. Thanks to the new FTC Green Guides, claims like this are no longer allowed to be made on packaging and advertisements. Unfortunately, this won’t mean the phrase will automatically disappear from the American lexicon, and I must continue to endure this irritation. Why is it so annoying to me, you ask? Because no products and services are “friendly” to the environment. Yes, they may not be toxic and may have recyclable or biodegradable packaging, thus having lesser impacts; but their manufacture and use inherently consume resources and have an impact on the environment.

Green Marketing

Our Summer Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Green Seal! To celebrate Independence Day 2013, and a very productive spring, we’ve released our Summer Newsletter. Enjoy the newsletter on our website, download Summer Newsletter, or click individual articles from the list below. Any compliments or questions about these articles? Comment on this blog post. We’d love to hear from you.

Green Marketing

Welcome to the GS Blog.

  By Brie Welzer, Marketing Associate Welcome, sustainability professionals, environmentalists, and green business wonks to the Green Seal blog! We are excited to launch this informative and captivating forum. Through this blog, we hope to share lessons learned and helpful habits developed over years of ecolabeling and environmental work. Various Green Seal team members will discuss innovative technologies, describe the context of ecolabeling, define confusing terms, and delve into various aspects of green marketing. You will also hear from many of our partners who help us achieve our mission, true game-changers in various industries. Already posted below, learn about Green Seal’s accomplishments over the last twenty years from our CEO Arthur Weissman, and become more familiar with VOCs in a post written by our Vice President of Certification Mary Swanson. We hope you find this forum useful and enjoyable. We look forward to hearing your reactions, and learning from your…